All Aluminum Hatches And Basement
Bulkhead Doors

LuciGold custom designs, builds & installs light-weight all aluminum egress products for safe & easy access to your cellar. Our hands-on approach from start to finish ensures you will receive the right basement bulkhead door for your specific needs.  

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The Last  Basement Bulkhead Door You Will Ever Need!​
Our all aluminum infrastructure  with stainless-steel hinges is water and rust resistant. 

The unique design incorporates flanges around the opening that fit inside the channels of the cellar door for a tight seal. Designed and fabricated to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions. Ideal for any area that promotes rust and is regularly exposed to moisture, including rain, melting snow and salt spray. ​

 One size does not fit all when it comes to installing a basement bulkhead door.  The entryway to your cellar can be unique to the home in location, height, width or length. LuciGold uses a hands-on approach from start to finish to insure you get the best possible product for you specific needs.