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Aluminum and Stainless Steel Infrastructure is Water and Rust Resistant

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We were asked if we could build a custom basement bulkhead door that replicates the original, but with modern functionality; we were honored and determined to provide a stellar reproduction. This basement bulkhead is built on our aluminum infrastructure--the basis for all of our LuciGold 'Everlast' and 'Forever' Cape Cod Classic basement bulkhead doors. We used some of the finest wood ​available as an overlay. The end result is a bulkhead that gives the appearance of a classic two door wooden plank bulkhead, when in reality, it is a single door hatch style bulkhead that is easy to open and will last a lifetime
The Aluminum
Basement Bulkhead Door, Window Well And Deck Hatch
Custom Design Specialists
B A S E M E N T  B U L K H E A D   D O O R S
Egress Solutions That Will Stand The Test Of Time!
Now You See It, Now You Don't!
Our deck hatches are custom designed and built to match the existing structure.
SAFETY: The gas assisted pistons manage the operation of the bulkhead door providing smooth dependable 
motion and insuring our doors will never slam down causing unexpected injury. Dual sliding locks and assisted pistons; 
 strong and aesthetically pleasing.
U T I L I T Y   H A T C H E S
CONSTRUCTION: Our aluminum and stainless steel infrastructure is water and rust resistant. Our unique design incorporates flanges around the door opening that fit inside of channels in the door which makes it virtually impossible for melting  snow or rain to penetrate.  Fabricated to withstand extremely harsh outdoor conditions. Ideal for wet areas that often promote rust and are regularly exposed to moisture, including salt spray. 
Built To Last!

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ORDERING: We offer standard size doors or we can custom design and build a bulkhead , deck or utility hatch in virtually 
any size, shape or color.  Available in 7 standard finishes or choose a custom finish (additional fee) that will compliment and enhance the look of your home.

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